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I am beginning to add all of my work to my Fine Art America profile. My work will now be easily available to order as prints! Please let me know if there is a particular image that you are interested in that I may have not yet added. Thanks and please take a look at the store!


New Videos for Mike Mangione & the Union's upcoming album 'Red-winged Blackbird Man'!

This is a final image for a video I created for Mike Mangione & the Union's song, 'Somewhere, Somebody.' Just click on the picture to check out the video!
The first video in the series for Mike Mangione & the Union's 'Fields of Evermore.' Just click on the picture to watch the video!

Sketchbook Work

New Digital Work

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  • Christine Dalessio (Thursday, July 18 13 10:26 pm EDT)

    I love the dryad... is that from a book or just your mind? Beautiful, beautiful work.

  • Gregory (Tuesday, March 11 14 02:31 am EDT)

    Your ART is extraordinary! You have a definitive style that evokes good feelings for me.

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New Digital Work

New work, created digitally.

Recent pen and ink drawings.

I have been using these amazing photos from 1920's Australian mugshots as reference for some recent pen and ink work. I love the pictures. They have an eery fascination.

Recent pen and ink work inspired from the music of Mike Mangione & the Union.

Just a few, quick visual reflections on a few songs by 'Mike Mangione and The Union.' An excellent band that I have the good fortune of working with on the 'Fill These Hearts' tour. 

New images for

This is for a project that I am extremely excited about. These, along with three other images, will be featured on Christopher West's new website, Each will help set the mood and overall design for every link within his site. Should be up some time mid to late February.